Paradox Fine Art European Forum TURKU 2020


Urgencies and Emergencies

Deadline Extended Until March 22nd, 2020

Turku 2020

The 2020 Paradox European Fine Art forum Urgencies and Emergencies hosted by the Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences

Conference dates: Wednesday 16th– Saturday 19th– September 2020. 


Contributions Due Date: New Deadline March 15th, 2020

PARADOX is changing from its previous biennial conference format towards a peripatetic, annual forum. We intend to build upon previous successes while placing greater emphasis on this unique opportunity for those engaged in Fine Art education in Europe, and beyond, to physically gather together. 

The aim is to generate an annual forum at which we can cooperatively identify and discuss emergencies and their urgencies, and think through concerns and challenges that will bear influence on the present and future conditioning of Fine Art education at all levels. We will simultaneously engage processes to consider new approaches, methods, forms, and models that can advance and nurture Fine Art education in pressurised, conflictual and complicated times.

We are seeking papers, provocations, panels, facilitated discussions and dialogues, and workshops that grapple with the intertwined issues. The forum calls upon those engaged in the sector: cultural workers, students, educators, researchers, administrators, and academic managers. We are genuinely committed to supporting colleagues to discuss the temporal, ideological, political, pedagogical, ethical; and procedural, operational and governing dynamics that may inform how we define the emergencies of our time, and on whose behalf we are warranted to distinguish the urgencies and responses.

We will maintain our dedication to submissions from individuals though we are especially keen to receive proposals from collegiates, collaborators, co-workers from inside one or more institutions; or indeed from those who are not in full-time employment in art academies; and those who are engaged in issues and forms of education beyond the art academy in ways that can inform debate regarding Fine Art education.

Questions to be asked may include but are not limited to:

· What are the emergencies that Fine Art education is engaging with, and how does a collegiate respond and responsibly define the urgency?

·      How do we develop a “culture of care” in – potentially for – the academy?

·      What is the role of ethics in the future of teaching?

·      How do we prepare students for ´life-after-school´ in ways that take account of employability and of precarity?

·      To what other arenas and disciplines may we look – and develop coalitions with – to produce a resilient and progressive dynamic for the future of Fine Art education and its management?

·      What skill sets for researchers, educators, students and academic administrators are needed to address these complexities in our classrooms and beyond?

·      What is the role and responsibility of the art academy in civic, national and transnational lives in our pressurized and trouble times?

·      What forms of coalition can be developed for art educators, students and managers at a moment when several regimes seek to decrease mobility and exchange?

Forum Fee:

·      Free for presenters 

·      Institution fee of 150 euro

·      Free for artists/freelancers

The results of the call for contributions will be announced by April 6th  2020.

For further information on Paradox and the Turku 2020 Forum & to access the Submission Form and the expanded call for contributions in a PDF FORMAT.

The 2020 Paradox European Fine Art forum in Turku responds to feedback from previous Paradox European Fine Art forums: Riga (2019), London (2017), Poznan (2015), Granada (2013), Cork (2011), Palermo (2009), London (2007) and Utrecht (2006).