Harri Smithson

Concept of Future art Working with the themes of colour, collaboration and community my work focus on using the general public to create or interact with the artwork I create. Focusing on deprived areas of my home city of Norwich I have planned and successfully organised projects with a number of local artists who have brightened up dull looking areas of Norwich. Inspired by street art and the idea of motion I create large scale work publicly in order to try to change the idea of art interaction and appreciation while in a public space. I have also organised the opposite of bringing the beauty of the brutalist architecture into a gallery space creating a unique collection of artworks in an architecturally significant space. The idea of community is a big push for me due to being constantly inspired by other artist and social media. Art is a large emotion push with each artist having to be careful in which that emotional boundary pushes. Placing my work towards social interaction it is very instructing to see when something has been preceded and edited when it’s been changed into a digital format. Being heavily influenced by graphic design the contrast of building something which is seeing digitally to an active space that the public can physically be part of is my challenge to try to push those boundaries between the image and the experience.


Harri Smithson is a Norwich based artist inspired by poetry, colour and emotion. Text and spray paint are largely used in her work to create a harsh bold image. Working in public places and having interaction encouraged with her work Harri looks at the boundaries between digital representation and physical experience with her artworks. 

Website hsmithson.wixsite.com/hsmithsonart

Instagram @hsmithsonfineart