Hiroyuki Abe

Drawing is like a dance


The present purpose is to express the movement of dance.From there further We narrowed the theme to “movement”.I reconsider what “movement” is and trial and error about expression of “movement”. 

Regarding the background, it is as follows. 

I studied art for the first time at art college in Japan .The technology I learned at the college was a technique to reproduce things in front of my eyes. I met a contemporary dancer four years ago and I was in trouble when I tried to draw his dance.Because I could not it well withe previous technology. 

The way people draw it up to now is to have the model as stationary as possible and draw its shape. 

For the first time, I noticed that “Human” was treated like “still life” and “reproduction before my eyes” was the reproduction of “a stopped thing”.I felt also that my world was limited. 

I thought that things I could not express,”I thought it was good,I thought beautifully” is 勿体無い(Mottai-nai).. So, in order to find a solution,I have 

been searching for pursuit of expression of “movement” four years ago. 


“Mottai-nai” is a Japanese word that expresses feelings of missing or lamenting that the original figure of the object loses.”Mottai” is originally a 

Buddhist term.”Mottai-nai” was originally used as meaning “unbalance”, “sincere gratitude( the kindness or favor is more than I deserve.) “and the like. 

Currently,”Mottai-nai” is a word that refers to the state of “the value of 

things not fully utilized or being wasted.” 



Mixed Media(Glass, Pencil,Pastel) Title “ Drawing is Drawing ??”–annual exhibition in Academia of fine Arts Munich (Germany) — 2018 

Drawing Title “ Drawing is Dance, Dance is Drawing”–annual exhibition in Academia of fine Arts Munich (Germany) — 2017 

Drawing and Performance Title “ moving out line”–collaboration with contemporary dancer in Stuttgart (Germany) — 2014 

Drawing and Performance Title “ out line///”–performance on the stage :collaboration with contemporary dancer (Japan) — 2013 

Painting Title “ Face?”(2011)–(on invitation) Japanese Today’s Visual Art Exhibition in Spain(Spain) — 2012 

Painting Title “Taifun”(2010)–(on invitation )Arte En Manos Japonesas (Mexico) — 2011 Painting Title “ Face?”–L’Art Actuel France–Japon aver participation multinationale(Japan) — 2011 

Painting Title “Taifun”–Salon International de Paris(France) — 2010 


Academia of fine Arts in Munich (Prof. Jorinde Voigt)— Oct.2016~ 

Musashino Art University( Institute of Painting)— Bachelor Apr2009~Mach 2013 

ST.Marianna University School of Medicine — Apr2005~Mach 2007 

Toin Gakuen Senior High School — Apr2000~Mach 2003