Keynote Speakers and Participants

James L Hayes, Crawford College of Art & Design, Ireland
The Materiality of Austerity: An exploration of the international sculptural iron casting movement & its associated relationship to materiality, performance, ritual and conference.

Material as Conflict Fernando Perez Martin, University of Granada, Spain
Various materials, the same cause. Art for Freedom in the Sahara Occidental

Material as agent Inmaculada Rodriguez Cunil, University of Seville, Spain
Wastes and Miseries of the Territory

Miguel-Angel Melgares, Amsterdam School of the Arts, Holland

Jenny Baines, Manchester School of Art, England

Dr.Marta Negre Univeristy and Dr. Joaquim Cantalozella Planas , University of Barcelona, Spain

Ewa Wojtowicz, University of Arts, Poznan, Poland

Margaret O’Brien, National College of Art and design, Dublin, Ireland

Maria Antonietta Malleo, Accademy of Fine Arts of Palermo, Italy

Maria José Barquier Perez y Rafael Marfil Carmona, University of Granada, Spain

Richard Fajnor, Janacek Academy of Music and Performing arts, Brno, Czech Republic

Ana Vinoda, University of Zadar, Croatia

Eugenia Agusti Cami, University of Barcelona, Spain

Andrea Traldi University of Plymouth, England

Juan Bernardo Pineda Perez, Teruel-Zaragoza , Spain

Maria del Carmen Bellido Marquez, University of Granada

First session: History/Context

This session set the scene and established the context from which current challenges and innovations emerge.

Nicholas Houghton, University of the Creative Arts, England
The Conceptual Turn and the Fine Art Curriculum
El giro Conceptual y el Currículo de Bellas Artes

Pedro Ortuño Mengual, Universidad de Murcia, Spain
Collaborative practices in multimedia contexts. Memory and Identity in “La paz intervenida” and “Lanificios: arqueología do presente” projects
Prácticas colaborativas en contextos multimedia en Portugal. Memoria e identidad en el Proyecto Covilha arqueología del presente

Marek Wasilewski, University of the Arts Posnan, Poland
Deschooling the Art School


Second session: Current Challenges

The first half of this session outlined the pertinent issues for contemporary arts education and the second half looked more specifically at the fields of exhibition and drawing where these issues play out.

Dean Hughes, Edinburgh University, Scotland
Remaining the same
Ivan de la Torre Amerighi, Malaga, Spain

Manuel Cruz Gonzalez & Drago Diaz Aleman, Universidad de La Laguna, Spain
The classroom as a production center
El aula como centro de producción

Ivan de la Torre Amerighi, University of Málaga, Spain
Redefinition of the exhibition and the contemporary curatorial practice as spaces for pedagogical experimentation and disciplinary interaction; some particular and specific cases
La redefinición de la exposición y la práctica curatorial contemporáneas como espacios para la experimentación pedagógica y la interacción disciplinar.

Kelly Chorpening, Camberwell College, University of the Arts London, England
Convincing possibilities for drawing
Posibilidades convincentes a favor del dibujo


Third session: Case studies

This session will look at specific case studies and examples of current innovation in contemporary art pedagogy and will include a chance to discuss the issues in smaller groups.

Sean Cummins & Joanne Lee, Nottingham Trent University, England
What do you study when you study Fine Art: An Open Curriculum?
¿Qué se estudia cuando se estudia Bellas Artes: Un Currículo Abierto?

Àngels Viladomiu, Albert Valera & Salvador Juanpere, Barcelona University, Spain
Art in the user’s space: Interstitials readings between theory and artistic practice
Arte en el espacio del usuario


Noemi Pena, University of Valladolid, Spain
A study on the relationship between photography and blindness in the context of a/r/tography

Sissell Lillebostad, Bergen Academy of Arts and Design, Norway
Long-term commitment and free-flowing conversations

Jill Randall, University of Salford, UK
Context is Half the Work: The Live Brief in Fine Art Education
El Contexto es la Mitad de un Trabajo

Sara Carrasco, Barcelona University, Spain
The body as a space of possibility and contestation within artistic educational practices
El cuerpo como espacio de posibilidad y contestación dentro de las prácticas educativas artísticas


Fourth session: Enactments

This session will use performance and other forms of enactment to demonstrate new ways of configuring teaching/learning.


Brigid McLeer & Jane Ball, Coventry University UK
Occupation Workplace, (performance)


Louisa Minkin & Ian Dawson, Southampton University, UK
Making History
Haciendo Historia: La herencia

Kiki Claxton, Katrine Hjelde & Michaela Ross from FLAG, independent researchers & Chelsea College, UAL, UK
Returning the educational turn