The Exotics

 Today they are still here these beautiful corners of the Earth that we can still  enjoy. But for how long?


1996 – 2000 State Regional Art School in Saratov, Russia
2001 – 2003 studies at the University of Saratov, Russia
Field of study: Art History

From 2013 to 2016 created puppet animated films.
Since 2016 created video art: aniamted films based on original graphics and paintings.
Since 2017 at IAA International Association of Art as a holder of IAA international Identity Card for professional artists.
Since 2012 Participated in different international art and film-festivals. 

The largest of Festivals:
XXVII Festival Les Instants Vidéo (2014, Frankreich),
17th International Art Exhibition NordArt (2015, D),
8th & 9th OSTRALE international panorama exhibitions of contemporary arts in Europe (2014, 2015, D),
4th Aurora Arts Festival in Dallas (2015, USA),
17th FILE – Electronic Language International Festival (2016, Brazil),
12th Athens Digital Arts Festival | Digital Pop (2016; Athen, Greece),
Chrom-Art´s ‘TRIBE’ Alternative Art Festival (2016; London, England),
NAHNU Exhibition, Städtische Galerie Dresden (2016; Dresden, Germany)

8th The Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach Festival (2015; Panama City Beach, USA)  Honorable mentions Award
the INCUBARTE International Art Festival (2015; Valencia, Spain): awarded from Centre d’ Art Contemporani Addaya