Organization and Structure

PARADOX has established a Steering Committee with the following principles:

  • The Steering Committee is an Executive Committee  of Honorary Officers who will normally consist of  a Chair,  an Honorary Secretary and a Treasurer or such other Honorary Officers (Projects/Conference, Vice Chair).
  • The Steering Committee will normally consist of a minimum of five (5) members and a maximum  of eleven (11).
  • The Steering Committee will meet and elect the Honorary Officers as required.
  • The election of a member to the Steering Committee shall be for two years, with the option to remain for two further terms as agreed by the committee.
  • Steering committee members who are absent for two consecutive meetings relinquish their seat. The Committee meets a minimum of two times in a year.
  • The Steering Committee will not have more than one member from any single institution; exception is made for the institution hosting the biennial Paradox conference.