Sarah Adams


The concept behind my art is to evoke change within people and to highlight the effects of workplace bullying/harassment and workplace stress. I aim to make people aware of the effects these issues have on people’s mental and physical health. I also want to explore the idea of using art to promote change and protest injustice. I’ve always used art as a tool for expressing myself and my beliefs, but also expressing my issues with society and challenging the audience with powerful statements and imagery. I intend to work on digital prints much like the ones submitted using imagery, colours and text associated from my previous workplace, as well as text based on my experiences, as well as others’ experiences in the workplace. I may also continue to explore the use of textiles and embroidery, and create a series of clothing pieces each depicting my experiences as well as the effects of workplace bullying/harassment. I hope these will come across as playful, interactive and thoughtful. 

For me, the future of art consists of it being used to evoke change within society and to help promote positivity and challenge issues we may face. This can be seen through political art, environmental art, art that depicts representation of race, sexuality, and gender. Art as a medium has allowed us all to have a voice and to show the world in a creative way that these issues are important and they need to be focused on. I find are that isn’t overwhelming, that has subtle meanings and invites the viewer to think, debate and challenge is successful art and I think we will see more of this type of art in the future as we continue to see political challenges and environmental challenges continually brought to light.


My name is Sarah Adams, a Fine Art Graduate from Norwich University of the Arts. My chosen medium is embroidery and printmaking. I explore themes of workplace harassment, sexism, inequality and other societal issues. I hope to be able to use my art as a tool for evoking change and to encourage people to be better and think openly.