Call for Students’ and Emerging Artists’ Contribution

Art Future / Future Signs / Paradox Riga 2019

The New Art Biennale Art Future / Future Signs

7-14 September 2019: Student projects, short courses and workshops

12 September – 12 October 2019: performances and exhibition

Art Academy of Latvia (Riga, Latvia)

Concurrently with the 2019 Paradox European Fine Art forum biennial conference “Art Future/ Future Signs”, the New Art Biennale 2019 Art Future / Future Signs will be hosted by the Art Academy of Latvia in Riga. It will feature students’ and emerging artists’ projects developed during an intensive week of workshops and short courses (7-14 September 2019).

The New Art Biennale 2019 “Art Future / Future Signs” is intended as a creative and virtual platform allowing students, young artists and researchers to propose, show, exchange, share and interact their artistic vision of the future and the future role of art. The aim of the “Art Future / Future Signs” is to address the role of art and design as an instrument allowing to imagine, propose and shape future.

Under this broad focus, students and emerging artists are invited to provide artistic contributions on more subjects related to three strands of the biennale conference:

A. Future Image, Vision and Sign.

Artistic research as an instrument of visual future building;

B. Activating Future Art Education.

The role of the art education in the development of the future awareness.

C. Future Traditions.

Contractual and polemic role of art acting as apparatus of future making models.

Applicants are required to submit:

  1. 5 images representing intended artwork. These could consist of reproductions, visual projects or sketches;
  2. to be published on Art Future / Future Signs web gallery images should be in JPEG format, Mac and PC compatible, sized about 800 pixels high, or thereabouts, named in consistent manner – 01_lastname_tittle.jpg;
  3. applicants also could submit related digital media proposal (video (YouTube or Vimeo), computer game, Instagram, blogs), however, in such case applicants should be aware, that publication on Art Future / Future Signs web gallery not always would be technically possible;
  4. A concept of proposed future art (100 – 300 words)
  5. Short Bio (up to 60 words)
  6. Applicants should specify their preferred forms of participation:
  7. Participation at the 7-14 September 2019: Student projects, short courses and workshops (successful participants will be provided with 450 EUR travel grant );
  8. Artworks  on site (as digital prints of digital screen or computer projection at the exhibition hall of Art Academy of Latvia),
  9. Performance,
  10. Virtual participation at the internet exhibition being held on the web.

All artworks submitted will be exhibited virtually at the online exhibition and selected artworks will be exhibited at the art show together with the outcomes of workshops.

Submit your application as one PDF to  by 1 May 2019 (In the Subject line, put the Student projects). 

Authors will be notified about results by 15 May 2019.

Parallel activities:

 The Paradox European Fine Art forum Biennial Conference 2019 Riga:

  • 11 September 2019: Biennial conference launch
  • 12-14 September 2019: Conference

The 2019 Paradox European Fine Art forum biennial conference in Riga will advance the approaches and achievements elaborated in previous Paradox European Fine Art forum biennial conferences: London (2017), Poznan (2015), Granada (2013), Cork (2011), Palermo (2009), London (2007) and Utrecht (2006).

More info on conference calls:

The Paradox European Fine Art forum biennial conference 2019 Riga is a part of the Centenary Celebration of the Art Academy of Latvia and supported by the Latvian state.

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