Student Projects

Student residency workshop: P Fabric Granada

Along with the Conference, Paradox runs a student field project for European Fine Art Students called P Fabric. P Fabric Project was as a way of linking students to the Biennial Conference. Project facilitates the artistic intervention of students in the urban tissue of the Paradox hosting city. Students are chosen by their institutions and represent the institutions participating in the Paradox Biennial Conference. The international group of students meet with local students some 10 days before the Bienniale Conference to work with the lead artists. Local students host international students, while the university offers some spaces, labs and technical aid to develop their artwork. Artworks developed during the days before the conference opens and are presented by the students during the conference through audio-visual along with in-site guided visits through all the locations.


Urban Fabric Student Project is a parallel event to the Paradox Biennial Conference that has proved very popular at previous conferences, highlighting the most important part of a Higher Education in Fine Arts the students, tracing a line the creation of art and research in Fine Art.


P-Fabric Project was organized for the Granada Conference (Sept. 2013) by Isidro Loópez-Aparicio, Faculty of Fine Arts. University of Granada, Spain

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